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Standing on top of a crag or clinging onto a rock face can be a nerve wracking challenge to many, but the rewards and views make it worthwhile. 

Rock climbing;

is making your way up a rock face, and really is good fun with fantastic views where you gain a real sense of achievement.  

Fully supervised by Brenin Adventures instructors you are involved in belaying for your fellow climbers and offering words of support and encouragement.    

Barmouth slabs offer some amazing coastal views across the Mawddach estuary and are perched above the seaside town of Barmouth, perfect of a trip to the beach following a day of climbing. Climbing at Barmouth offers something for everyone, 20 meters high with good hand and foot holds gives a fantastic climbing experience and a day out to remember.  

Llanymynech Quarry near Welshpool has views of the River Severn and offers a wide range of climbs suitable to meet everyones needs. 


Both Climbing Venues are fully day activities.


is descending a rock face, with you controlling your speed. (Don't worry; instructors are also holding ropes)

Abseiling can take place at either Barmouth slabs or Llanymynech quarry as part of a full day of activities.  Brenin Adventures also has access to our own abseil crag on the edge of Llyn Clywedog offering a half day activity of abseiling. Truly a real challenge for anybody new to the rock.


is a form of rock climbing without ropes or harnesses.

Brenin Adventures offers bouldering as an additional onsite activity, with a bouldering hut giving you the chance to practise your climbing skills. Generally done as as part of a half day activity along with Problem Solving or Pioneering.


All specialist equipment such as ropes, harnesses and helmets are provided by Brenin Adventures. This equipment is safety checked on a regular basis. All you need is clothing to stay warm and a sturdy set of footwear. 

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