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Bushcraft Fire


Bushcraft is the popular term for getting out into the wild to learn some wilderness skills and about the surrounding environment. 


It is a way to get back in tune with our wild roots learning all those skills for surviving and thriving in the natural environment, just how our own ancestors did and how some people still do in countries with indigenous populations.


Bushcraft skills include fire lighting, shelter-building, the use of tools such as knives and axes, foraging, water sourcing, hand-carving wood, woodland art, rope and twine-making, among others.

At Brenin Adventures our school bushcraft sessions are usually undertaken during a half day session with groups, but can also be chosen as full day sessions.

We explore the skills of lighting fires, building shelters and generally give the children in our groups lots of fun in an environment they may not normally be familiar with.

Plus, of course, we do get to toast some great marshmallows or make your own bread...


Bushcraft is an ideal activity for schools and youth groups. We have our own site on the banks of Llyn Clywedog and with our specific travel equipment we can bring the whole activity to you. Get in Contact for more details on sessions or school visits.

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