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Pioneering refers to the work of military engineers who went ahead of the army on foot, to build bridges, roads and generally prepare the way.

They got there first, often in the wilderness, and had to make do with what they could find or carry. With axes and ropes they worked wonders and created many functional structures. 

At Brenin Adventures we continue this tradition, our pioneering activities are devised to give groups a problem or task and then the equipment to plan and execute as a group.

Each project is approached in a logical way:

  • What are we trying to do

  • What equipment do we have

  • What is the best way to use this equipment

  • Designing the project

  • Testing and safety

  • Dismantling the project

Using rope and wooden spars, plus the odd little extra item. 

The team can be have objectives such as make a catapult to fire across the field into targets or build a bridge for a river crossing or to make a walking structure. 

All great fun and perfect for working on practical and corporation skills.

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