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We have got various activities onsite which have all been designed to challenge your groups in different ways

Challenge Course

Brenin Adventures challenge course is set to challenge individuals & teams.  After a couple of turns as an individual it can be used to test how well groups work together.  Testing team skills at supporting one another to navigate around the course without touching the ground.


It can be done, but can it be done if we add in a further twist? 

Blind Line - New for Summer 2019

Negotiate around an obstacle course either as a small team or one big group. Blind folded you must follow the course all the way around, don't let go or you will get lost!

The team will navigate over, under or through many different challenges, but with the help of all the team members you will succeed.  

Problem Solving

How well can your group work as a team?

Brenin Adventures offers fun and engaging team initiative problems to solve.  These aim to challenge groups to bring out everyones positive qualities.  The variety of problem solving activities aim to have something which will challenege adults and children and allows everyone to contribute in one way or another.

Zorbing & Inflatable Obstacle Course

Both activities are a great way to burn off all that energy and just have a lot of fun. Body Zorbing is fun filled way to play team sports like football, bumping into each other whilst trying to win the game. Land Zorbs; 1 person inside each large zorb ball running around the ground. Want to make it more challenging, we'll turn it into the gladiator challenge.

The inflatable obstacle course is another great way to challenge your team to complete set tasks. Whether is time trials, planning & development skills or to get through the course blindfolded. We can design the challenges specific for your group.

Looking towards the future

We have various new onsite activities in the development stages. Check back for updates on:

  • The Challenge Wall; a varying size wall designed to make your team physically and mentally support all participants and get them over the top of the Wall. This challenge is perfect for all groups, children or adults as the wall can be changed to suit your group. 

  • Tree Climb; using your team to keep you safe, scale up one of our tree climbs pushing yourself to as high as you can go. A fantastic personal challenge.

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