Riber Standard Dry Bag

Riber Standard Dry Bag



The Riber Standard Dry Bags are a firm favourite amongst paddlers and a key piece of kits. Ideal for use when camping, caravanning, skiing, canoeing, kayaking or any other outdoor pursuit. The Riber Standard Dry Bags are perfect for keeping your belongings safe from dust, water and snow while you are out enjoying the great outdoors. The main features of these bags include the fact that they are lightweight and easily stored when taking them on board your kayak or canoe. They have fully taped seams and a shoulder strap to make it more portable and versatile. In addition to this there is a see-through viewing panel that runs the length of the bag so finding things at the bottom is a little easier. This allows more light into your bag and means you can see items simply without having to dive down to the bottom.


Part Number    Size    Diameter (cm)   Height (cm)

4001         10L         20                           30

4002         25L         27                           42

4004         50L         32                           47

These dimensions assume the dry bag is rolled three times and secured.