Canoe and kayaking is a great way to gain confidence on and in the water whilst learning paddling skills.


You will explore the lake whilst being part of a group and taking part in team and individual games and challenges. Can your team manage the lay back challenge??

Canoeing either as a single canoe with a partner or rafting two canoes together to make it more stable. Canoeing is great for communicating with your partner or the rest of the canoe raft. Each session can be completely tailored to your groups needs and aims. We can run skill based sessions, wet and wild games or equally we can run the activity as dry as possible, however we can't guarantee you won't get a little wet. 

Kayaking on single sit on top kayaks gives individuals a great sense of freedom and the confidence to explore the lake and play games.

Canoeing and kayaking trips can be arranged for example exploring the River Severn as a full day activity.

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